Extending a Corporate Lifestyle with enjoyable bar & concept dining experiences for the business community, the BLVD chain of bars and restaurants are well positioned within Singapore’s Central Financial District area.  Its chain of Dining-Bars is one of Singapore’s leading corporate entertainment venues for Powered Executives in comfort of contented suit-off moments.


Situated right in the heart of Financial area, BLVD outlets are ideal as an after-work Dining-Bar, convenient for customers to patronize from their respective business scenes.

Established since 2006, BLVD's Plush Bar & Dining ambiences offer fine cuisines in an urban-retreat environment. BLVD 
promises to deliever quality service that is consistent with its brand quality. Through years of developing its brand reputation, it has now become the trusted choice of venue for Corporatists to unwind after work.

now extends four diverse Boulevard bars, each with its own signature styles to suit any corporate occasion (E.g. networking sessions/corprate events etc). 


Affiliated brand includes KE ZHAN which features a rustic inn atmosphere promoting Sichuan/Guangdong cuisine with a wide selection of Sake and authentic Chinese liquor.

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